PHS Garden

In Meadowbrook Farm’s earliest days it was exactly what the name implies, a farm. In time, many species of trees have taken root. Most of Meadowbrook’s 25 acres have returned to woodland, with low hedges used to delineate distinct gardens. Mr. Pennock designed each new garden room to connect and flow like the rooms of a house, resulting in a series of outdoor living spaces. Groundcover preferred by Mr. Pennock remains today, including ivy, pachysandra, vinca, and lamium.

In all there are 15 or so small gardens to explore. Each section boasts a memorable name, such as the Eagle Garden, Dipping Pool, and Woodland Path. Meadowbrook’s signature style is formal and rich with detail, yet never stuffy or overbearing.

The interior of the Pennock home is equally exquisite. Sited on the top of a hill to capture the dramatic view of the steep slope behind, the two-story house has been the site of countless dinners, parties, and holidays.

The first floor features the Card Room, the Glass Room, a shimmering Reception Hall, and formal Living Room and Dining Room. Those with observant eyes will notice lizard figurines of all shapes, sizes, and colors positioned throughout the home; these were gifts from Mr. Pennock’s friends due to his nickname, Lizard (a corruption of Liddon).

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Slideshow presentation of the gardens and greenhouses of Meadowbrook Farm coming soon.