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5.25.17 Thursday - Container Gardening with Meadowbrook Farm’s Estate Gardener

Join Estate Gardener Julie Bare and learn about crafting a beautifully planted container that will last all season long. Julie will show you how to use not only annuals in a container but also perennials, herbs, and veggies. Get tips, walk the gardens and be inspired.

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6.3.17 Saturday - Staghorn Fern Mounting Workshop

Join Meadowbrook Farm Propagator John Kaszan for this hands-on workshop. John will show you the techniques behind mounting a staghorn fern. All participants will go home with their own mounted fern and care instructions.

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6.10.17 Saturday - Make Your Own Succulent Wreath

Join Meadowbrook Farm's Cynthia Wright as she teaches the techniques for creating an amazing living wreath, featuring beautiful, hardy succulents in an array of colors and textures that will provide year-round interest. Each participant will take home a 14-inch living, succulent wreath and care instructions.

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6.14.17 Wednesday - Vermicomposting Workshop

Worm bins are a great way to compost your food scraps at home-even in apartments and condos. The result is an extremely nutritious soil amendment for gardens, potted plants, houseplants or gifting to your gardener friends! Collecting all the necessary supplies to build a worm bin can be challenging.

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6.20.17 Tuesday - Beekeeping 101

Join Lou Naylor, President of the NJ Mid-State Beekeepers Association and the New Jersey Director of the Eastern Apiculture Society, for a great overview of beekeeping. Lou manages the hives at Meadowbrook Farm and will show you firsthand what it takes to provide a happy home for our bee friends.

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6.29.17 Thursday - Hand Printing from Nature Workshop

Create beautiful, detailed, life-size images of plants and fruits. Artist and author Laura Bethmann will guide you through the art, craft and science of the ancient technique of Nature Printing. Explore the basic process using the inks and paper. Discover many uses for nature printing and its fascinating history.

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